Design | Art Direction | Photography & Video


Hi. My name is Sandra. I manage a small project space in Williamsburg devoted to making digital art.

My work consists of designing and creating unique compilations of events, moving images, photography, materials and new objects - both in the physical and digital space.

Themes of community and movement are central to my work; designing for meaningful interactions among strangers and acquaintances to facilitate the greater effect of a connected people.

If you'd like to learn more about the space or simply want to grab some coffee and talk life. Drop me a line. 

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"L" IS FOR LYMEA campaign to build awareness of the growing threat of Lyme Disease and an active charitable cause on behalf of fellow artist and friend, Lindsay Keys.

GIRL PARTY - Unconventional Gatherings With Extraordinary Female Creators.

LITTLE HOUSE - Digital and Strategic Consulting services for small businesses and brands

SANDO CREATIVE - A donation based studio in Williamsburg focused on supporting young digital artists. 

THE BROOKLYN STAR - Your daily photo and generous serving of delicious Southern food.



LOBA - Experimental Sound & Video Identity Project

SERIES 004 - A personal study on beauty and material

SERIES 001 - Painted Material + Found Objects



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